Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sunshine by Nikki Rae

Title: Sunshine
Author: Nikki Rae
Type: Young Adult/Fantasy

I was given the opportunity to review Sunshine by Nikki Rae. I haven't hear of the book prior to being contacted by the author herself, which I thank very much for giving me the chance to review her novel.

The Story:

Sophie is a teenage girl with more problems than she can handle. She is not your typical character - Sophie is rebel and emotional and more importantly she closed herself it after a number of terrible accidents. Right when the story starts we learn a lot about Sophie and her life. She has an amazing brother, Jade, who loves her and protects her no matter what, she also has two best friends Boo and Trei. Sophie's mother is a very complicated character. She is crazy and wants Sophie to be the perfect little daughter which she clearly is not. Throughout the story, Sophie mentions her father but she never met him nor does she remember him ever being present. Even so, she has an amazing step father, Adam and a cute little half sister.

As soon as the story starts, we learn immediately that Sophie is allergic to the sun. Wierd, right? She has to wear 100 FPS sunscreen, a big trench coat and her bug eyed sunglasses in order to protect her skin. Sophie's life turns more adventurous when she meets Myles. Myles, Myles, Myles... don't we all want a new guy to pop into the story? Myles' character is very complex and very well described, as well as all the other ones. He seems to be a powerful young man but he clearly has his issues. Sophie tends to stay away from him but they eventually become very good friends. As the story unfolds, we learn more and more about Myles and how his relationship with Sophie will develop.

My opinion of the book:

Overall, I really liked the story and I'm intrigued into reading the sequels. ( I know there are going to be more to the series because it's mentioned as "Sunshine The Series". The novel ends on such a note that I could clearly tell there is going to be a follow up with Sophie's life, which I enjoy a lot.

I enjoyed reading about all the characters that Nikki created. They all were very well described, and I always felt like I knew all the people in the book as if they were my real friends. Small details mean a lot when reading a book and Nikki clearly knew that.

One little detail that threw me off a bit was the development of the story at a certain point. Toward the end of the story, Sophie is being followed by a character that wants to kill her. I felt like there wasn't much of a description or a background story to why his character wanted to kill Sophie. I am hoping it will be continued into the sequel.

I enjoyed Myles and Sophie's relationship even though it started off very slow. I understand they were too troubled teenagers and it took them time to share their feelings. (I would have liked it a little faster :p but hey! we all have our opinion)
Also, I felt like the book took a while until it actually started. It took about 4-5 chapters to see the novel 'move'. Also, being a published book on Amazon as a Kindle edition I was hoping there will not be any spelling mistakes, but unfortunately there were a few (not a biggie for me).

I give this novel a B, or a 3.5/5. Like mentioned, I enjoyed the story, the characters and the overall feel of the book but I wasn't wowed. I look forward to reading the sequel novels because I am curious to see what happens with Sophie. If you are looking for a fast read, young adult novel, give it a try!

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