Thursday, January 10, 2013

What would be your strategy in Hunger Games ?

   I know I haven't yet wrote a review of the Hunger Games but I will one day. I feel the hype has gone away and I want to wait until the second movie comes out. I was reading through one of my book clubs on and I came across this topic, What would be your strategy in Hunger Games? It got me thinking and I decided to ask a few people on Twitter and Facebook. I will first share my personal strategy (which is probably a flaw since I need a lot of training beforehand)

   First of all, let me share my strategy. Ever since I started reading the books and saw the first movie, I got some ideas on what I would do. I know this is very hypothetical and it might not be realistic at all, but if I could have the strength and the required training I would probably grab a few things from the cornucopia (I wouldn't linger to much around since that's dangerous and I for one don't want to die) - then I would run as far away as possible. Since this is in a fiction life, I would probably spend most days climbing trees and making sure I don't leave any trace behind. If I were to compare my strategy with someone it would be with Rue. She was pretty agile when it came to climbing trees and I found that very smart.
   When it comes to killing, I would try and take the opponents one by one, steal their food and weapons. I will most probably cook during the day since I don't want anyone to see my fire at night. Also, I would do the fire in a cave so the smoke won't be visible during the day as well. Like mentioned, I'm not sure I would be able to do all this but I for one I would try.

I've read some comments and a lot of people mentioned hiding, giving up and surprisingly, not killing anyone. I guess it depends on everyone's personality but I for one think that would be a shame. Even though it's a pretty scary game and most of us aren't born criminals, the game will still make you one if you want to survive and be a winner.

Let me know in the comments section below what would be your strategy!

Happy Reading

xoxo, Diana


  1. I think if I had the strength I would be more of a Rue type as well. And I would probably be curious like Haymitch was in his games and follow his strategy.

  2. I would use a long ranged weapon and have a small knife for close quarters combat. Move only when i need to hunt for food and lie in wait to attack others.